When you have a design down on paper or on our design software (it depends how you prefer to work) we can help you select the right yarns and make suggestions on what may work better or give the "feel" that you are looking for. We can source a varied selection of yarns, many of which we have samples of on site in the design office. We can even have yarns dyed up to a specific colour or match a colour request of your customers'.

Another great option for designers is to see their creation put into the loom and have the ability to change colours and tweak the weave to either finalise the design or give different variations. The Very English Weaving Company offers this facility on our sample looms so you can have the confidence that your design is correct before it goes into full production. The sample looms also give you the opportunity to create a portfolio of designs to show clients without going to the cost of full production...ideal for the independant designer and larger organisations alike.